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Name:Super Box
Posting Access:All Members
Super_Box is a semi-private smut Dressing Room/Musebox for RPing comic book characters/superheroes. We've got a couple rules so please read them.


1. Don't be a jerk. IC =/= OOC. Please try to be nice and civil to one another.

2. Please don't go giving people trouble over their tastes in smut. No pushing pairings, flaming for tastes in couples or characters, or anything like that. If you don't like it, don't read it and if someone says they don't want to links, pictures, or whatever else IM'd or e-mailed to them, don't do it.

3. Don't god mod.

4. Posts containing smut should be locked to the community, have the main body of the post behind a cut, and have a little info blurb warning about pairings and such.

5. Only superhero/comic book characters are allowed. Marvel, DC, whatever else...all's good. Animated, AU, movie, TV show, etc. adaptations are allowed too. Multiples are fine as well. No OCs at the moment though, sorry.

6.Try to have fun.
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